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Automatic Garden Water Timer by SIA

The Automatic Garden Water Timer by SIA is the next generation of tap mounted automatic timers. This model provides easy to install and easy to use solutions for watering pots, hanging baskets, shrub areas, flower beds and small lawns, with no plumber or electrician required.

It is easy to control so you can easily regulate how much water your plants need, when they need it and much more.


  • Set water flow at any time in each 24 hour span
  • Watering durations: between 1 second and 6 hours at a time
  • Operates with 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Large 6" LED screen

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  1. Take out the timer from the package (each pack includes 2 rubber rings, a top tap connector adapter, a quick connector, a mesh filter and a user manual)
  2. 2 x AA batteries are required (not included), insert these into the battery compartment.
  3. Set the mesh filter and a rubber ring into the top rotating orange connector, hold the timer and screw the connector to hose thread(3/4”) tightly. The black adapter is for 1/2”hose thread.
  4. Connect hose to the bottom connector(3/4”). The orange adapter (16mm) is provided which provides the best fit.