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Marble Vinyl Sticker | DIY Home Transformation by SIA


The Ultimate Self-Adhesive Kitchen Marble Sticker that will Transform your entire home into a Luxurious Look!

  • Segregate your kitchen counter top and walls from stubborn oil stains.
  • Save your drawers, cabinets and shelves from dust & dirt.
  • Line your electrical appliances with a stylish self-adhesive marble layer.
  • Facilitate cleaning of all smooth surfaces.


Make Your Kitchen A Healthier Place!

These aren't your average Kitchen Stickers. It is far more durable than custom PVC wallpapers. It does not emit noxious, chemical scents or expose the user to such dioxins. They help prevent stubborn oil stains and prevents kitchen fires. They can also be used to stop leakages under the sink. Not only that but are beautiful wall murals for all over the house. 

Safest Protective Cover For Your Kitchen

  • Oil-Resistant and Stain-Proof: Prevents grease and oil from staining and getting all over your kitchen, including cabinets, refrigerators, stoves, counters, and walls.
  • Waterproof, Mildew-Resistant and Fire-Resistant: Prevents leakages of water under the sink and other areas and stops mildew from building up. Resists temperatures up to 250 Celsius that can be used for a long time and will not deform.
  • Long lasting stickers that can easily be removed.

Easy To Cut In The Size You Need

Roll dimensions: 55cm x 100cm. If you purchase a 3-pack or 5-pack, you will be sent 55 x 300 cm or 55 x 500 cm in one roll. 

The grid lines on the back make it easy for one to cut perfectly through using scissors or any easy tool. Be sure to measure the dimensions you need before hand.  

Easy to apply and instantly removable when you no longer need it. This tool is very flexible and allows you to apply them where ever.

Use It Anywhere In Your House

These beautiful premium marble sticker will add one of a kind fashionable style all over your house. 

Explore its flexible use in counter tops, TV stand, dining table, closet, dishwashers, refrigerators, cabinets, appliances and more!

Cleaning Has Gotten A Whole Lot Easier!

Wipe with a duster cloth or wash with soapy water to keep it fresh and healthy.

How To Use:

  • Clean and dry the surface with mild soap and water. Make sure that surface must be flat and cannot have any carve.
  • Just cut out the size you want using the grid lines in the back.
  • Use dishcloth or card to remove any remaining air bubbles.