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Pathmaker Pro by SIA


[DIY BOARD] This concrete board is design for DIY lovers, who want to decorate their garden road as they like, to give their pavement and yards some artistic sense
[EASY TO USE] This concrete board is easy to use, no special skills required, even an inexperienced person can build a beautiful pathway
[STURDY and REUSABLE] This pavement board is made of high quality plastic, just clean it with water after used and then you can use the board for a long time.
[UNIQUE SHAPE]  Once laid out, you'll have an exotic pattern that's sure to turn heads!
[SIZE]  16.9 x 16.9 x 1.6 inch

The perfect time for DIY

Our moulds are designed for DIY lovers who want to decorate their driveways or yards with some creative spice!

Super Easy to Use (and it's reusable!)

  1. Mix your cement with sand and water (as needed)
  2. Fill the mould with your finished wet concrete (making sure to fill the area fully)
  3. Smoothe the mold surface with rubber gloves
  4. Remove the mold before it fully dries (and reuse!)

Spice up your backyard today!