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Slice & Dice Portable Blender by SIA

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Say hello to your exclusive health partner! 😍 🍉 This portable blender features a strong motor and sharp stainless steel blades to effortlessly pulverize fruit & veggies in seconds! 😮 Portable, compact & convenient to take to the gym, office or travel! 🥤 

Did we mention that it only takes 60 seconds to blend?!



  • Powerful and high-speed motor: It can effortlessly pulverize fruit, vegetables, and you can get a cup of good-taste juice within 60s at express speed. And the high-speed motor can also deliver the quick and convenient cleaning after use
  • Convenient and portable: Easy to carry anywhere with the ergonomic handle, perfect for home, office, gym and outdoor use
  • Easy to use: One key operation, put the ingredient, and press the button. Every press delivers 60s of mixing
  • High-sealing performance: The joint has the advantage of high-connecting and sealing performance that makes the juicer cup work better
  • Easy to clean: Keep the cup half full, and press the button, the bottle and the blades will be completely cleaned
  • USB charging: Charge the juicer via the USB cable, the blue light will illuminate when finishing charging


  • Prepare the fruit you like, cut them into 3 - 4cm
  • According to your personal taste, add water or milk and the fruit pieces
  • Long press the button. It takes about 60s for tasty juice
  • Turn off the machine and enjoy the fresh and healthy drink


  • Power (W): <750W
  • Voltage (V): 220-240V
  • Product Volume: 550ml
  • Charging time: 4 - 5h